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Scotland WITHIN the United Kingdom? Or the United Kingdom WITHOUT Scotland?

25. Oktober 2023 von 19:00 bis 20:30

In the referendum on Scottish independence held in 2014, the Scottish clearly rejected the idea of their country becoming an independent country by 55.3% to 44.7%.  Nevertheless, for the Scottish National Party, who dream of Scotland as a separate sovereign state, if possible within the European Union,  that disappointing result is still not the end of the story. The demands for a second referendum – “IndyRef2” – have not dwindled, even though the opinion polls give a relatively unclear picture of what might happen in the Scottish people had a second chance.

To provide up-to-date background information on this question, we have invited two guest speakers: Dr Kirsty Hughes, founder of the Scottish Centre on European Relations and Mark Lazarowicz, a British lawyer who was a Labour MP in the Westminster government for many years to throw some light on the various aspects of this issue, such as: Could there be a second referendum? What would the consequences be for the United Kingdom? Could Scotland become a member state of the European Union?

The online event is organized by Europe Direct Dortmund and the Anglo-German-Association in


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25. Oktober 2023
19:00 bis 20:30